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About Us

We know what you're thinking, marketing is a very broad term, so let's condense it! 

Based in the heart of New Jersey, S7EP is the number one go to for brands wanting to take their  business to the next level. Working with a variety of different companies within different industries, S7EP is able to provide innovative solutions for businesses no matter the size. Over time, we have built up a loyal clientele that we are able to ensure top of the line results too every time no matter what. Whether you’re looking for branding, market strategy, campaign execution, or training within a certain field, S7EP provides a trustworthy service that our clients rely on with all their business needs. 

Respecting our clients privacy is out utmost importance, which is why we work on a non-disclosure basis with all of them. However, their industries range from Fortune 500s, non-profits, telecoms as well as major sports teams. 

We have spent time to refine our skills to ensure we are able to provide the best service to our client no matter the industry every time.

We have built an office culture that attracts people from all ages, races and social backgrounds. Not only does this make for a great work environment but with our proven training techniques it also allows us to guarantee the results our clients need. 

Our clients are our main priority and we work with a highly qualified and trained team who are able to meet their goals before they're due.